Industrial Products

Having one of the best R&D laboratories with modern facilities and revolutionary technology, ARMA is the perfect partner to develop and supply industrial products at any size and specification. Our talented business team are always committed to solve issues for you, improve quality, and develop new products in several industry areas.


ARMA’s shortenings are fully refined, offering smoothly textured pure fat in solid forms.


  • Plain (all-purpose) shortening (non-hydrogenated)

  • Hard shortening

  • Icing shortening

  • Frying liquid shortening


Our shortenings have the characteristics that prevent the grip of gluten strands during dough preparation. It does that by shortening the gluten chain (masses), to produce tender, crumbly, flaky and crunchy baked food choices.


Our shortenings are used to produce food items in industries and catering businesses.

  • Plain (all-purpose) shortening (non-hydrogenated): Used to produce food items like biscuits, cookies, dumplings, puddings, etc.

  • Hard shortening: Especially used for foods with firm textures, high temperature stability and plasticity, such as bouillon, filling creams and much more.

  • Icing shortening: Used for special applications, where hydrogenated shortening is aerated by mixing a controlled quantity of Nitrogen gas, to make it fluffy for cream preparations and adding icing on cakes.

  • Frying liquid shortening: Used to fry food like doughnuts, tortilla, French fries, cheese crackers and other snacks. It is preferable due to its ease of handling, pump ability, economical storage and bulk delivery to large numbers of consumers.


Our research and development experts are always developing and improving margarine for industrial customers. With world-class quality, ARMA’s margarine offers unparalleled choices and uses.


  • General Purpose Margarine

  • Bakery Margarine

  • Puff Pastry Margarine


  • General Purpose Margarine: Used for cake making, cookies and patty.

  • Bakery Margarine: Used for industrial dough mixing and high temperature baking as well as confectionary foods.

  • Puff Pastry Margarine: Provides maximum plasticity and constant fat phase in dough. It is used for flaky and crunchy pastry.



  • ARLO

  • ARME

  • ARHI


  • ARSU 555

  • Coconut


ARMA was the first to develop and produce Cocoa and Cocoa Butter Substitutes in the Middle East. Our team of specialists, sophisticated plant and R&D facility brought premium alternatives for real cocoa butter. With many choices, you can select a fat type to use with real cocoa butter for quality performance.


  • ARLO: For fitting fat

  • ARME: For fitting fat

  • ARHI: For fitting fat

  • ARNEL: For coating and enrobing

  • ARSU 555: For molding

  • Coconut: For ice cream

  • ARSPREAD: For chocolate spread

ARMA supplies fully refined and ready-to-use liquid oils. We develop, pack and transport our products to mass customers in stainless steel road tankers, FDA approved food grade epoxy coasted steel drums, and flexi tanks. All products are packed and supplied under Nitrogen atmosphere. ARMA supplies a variety of standard oil and fat bulk products, as well as tailor-made specially processed oil and fat to local and international industrial customers.