As the number one product in Egypt, ARMA’s Vegetable Ghee is available in three types. The first is Yellow Ghee, which offers the taste and smell of butter. The second is White Ghee, which offers the taste and smell of farm ghee. The third and new type of Coconut Ghee adds more creativity in your diet. Superior in quality, each type goes through all stages of production to conform to quality and health specifications.


Yellow Ghee, White Ghee and Coconut Ghee


Yellow Ghee Benefits:

It has a unique flavor and a rich aroma, emulating the taste and smell of butter that can be immediately sensed.


White Ghee Benefits:

It has the flavor of authentic Egyptian ghee, with a strong aroma that can be sensed at the first instance, while enriching the flavors of your food.                            


Coconut Ghee Benefits:

Our Coconut Ghee is rich in vitamins A, D and E, which are considered antioxidants and work on reducing the risk of developing cancer as well as boosting your body’s immune system. Refined with the finest types of coconut oil, it also helps the body absorb vitamins, prevents digestion problems, reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's, boosts metabolism and renews energy, while also containing a moderate percentage of beneficial fats.


Yellow Ghee Uses: Used in all kinds of food, especially modern cuisines as well as broad types of sweets.

White Ghee Uses: Used in oriental and family events, especially for authentic Egyptian food.

Coconut Ghee Uses: Used in cakes, bakeries, oriental sweets and delicious meals with unique flavors.     

Sizes & Packages:

Packed in a plastic jar, which allows the reuse of the product.

Fully wrapped to seal tightly without leakage.


55 g

350 g

750 g

1.5 kg

1.45 kg

Net 2 kg

2.5 kg

4.25 kg

11 kg


ARMA’s butter product is one of the finest in Egypt. It is loved for its strong aroma and rich flavor, which gives food a distinct taste. As a light addition to your diet, it is a healthy choice for families that contains natural milk. As well, there is a standard (100 g) to control the exact amount for each recipe.


ARMA’s butter contains vitamins A, D and E. It has the advantage of not containing any hydrogenated oils for the better of your and your family’s health.


Our butter is used to make delicious dishes such as white sauce, béchamel and rice. It is distinguished for making the sweetest pastries, such as cakes, croissants and biscuits.

Sizes & Packages:

The watermark guarantees that the packaging is tightly sealed.

1 kg